17 October 2012

Photo shoot with Grant Davies AKA Ibtasama Masruuk

lady in white with loose hand cuffs and rope

Elegant rebel bride having a cigarette with loose hand cuffs and rope.

Grant is entering the Hasselblad competition with his amazing images. He is a true artist whose themes and passion are boundless as he ventures to achieve the ultimate shot to win. I lent a couple of garments from my spring summer brides section.And love the theme of “rebel bride” as well as “run away bride”
This time the London team consisting of Grant and lighting tec and assistant Mark Benson,traveled all the way to Germany where he met up with model Catalina Magee and make-up artist chyla Camacho.

All I can say is that the results are spectacular. His images are sharp classics working in both black and white and colour capturing beauty and eroticism, a story in every image.
Move along Helmut Newton!
Not only do they look amazing on line but Grant prints out on the highest quality paper and after days of testing and trials he will choose the best one and only print out a run of two.Check more images out on FB