30 January 2013

Bridal Shop Phobia!

If there was a name for bridal shop phobia I would call it merangueboutiqueaphobia.So many of my brides say THANK GOD I found you and that you have “Rescued me from the clutches of the Bridal Shop!”
So for all the potential brides out there with such a phobia I have the answer!
Come to me!
Ten good reasons to.
1.I wont get you pissed on cheap champagne.
2. I promise the price will not have retail overhead charges.
3.I promise not to persuade you to purchase a nylon meringue made in China!
4.I promise to listen your choice.
5.I promise not to squeeze you into a corset that would make the Vicar blush (Unless you want to!)
6.I promise that I will be completely understanding abut bridal nerves.
7.I promise not to treat you like just another bride.
8.I promise not to laugh at your bad choice of underwear!
9.I promise not to release bad pictures of you in your half made dress onto you tube!(Not that bridal shops will do that because they don’t take pictures of fittings!)
10.I promise to make you and your Mother very Happy!
PS….. love this one
Pteronophobia – Fear of being Tickled by Feathers