In all of her work for Beyond Burlesque, Belinda is guided by personal beliefs and ethical principles concerning design, fashion, production standards and the environment. Let her explain…

“I believe in the principles of Japanese design. Even simple kimonos were made more elaborate on the inside, akin to some of the corset-based dresses I make for Beyond Burlesque. Only you know of the intricate structure underneath and feel the sensation of silk against your skin.”

“I keep production in the UK and use British suppliers. This keeps the air miles in my garments down and keeps the local economy going. Fabric scraps and remnants are either made into small waspie corsets or given to local schools.”

Quality and the environment
“Long-lasting, classic designs are made of quality natural fabrics that last a lifetime: primarily silk. Unfortunately for the silkworm, using silk is unavoidable in quality garments.

I continue to research an alternative but the ecological damage caused by the chemicals used to produce man-made fibres outweighs concerns over the treatment of the silkworm.”

Copyright and pride
“Please don’t ask for a dressmaking service; I don’t offer one. I will work in collaboration with you to personalise one of the designs in my repertoire, but I will not replicate the work of another designer.”

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