Bespoke process

Enjoy the process of creating a bespoke Beyond Burlesque dress

Belinda oversees the production of all BB creations personally, from first fitting to final finish. When you indulge in a couture garment you build a creative relationship based on a detailed understanding of your personality and your desires. It goes something like this…

 Creative consultation

Your first fitting is also a consultation for you to consider styles and materials – viewing a wide range of samples and exploring creative concepts.

 Design details

In your second fitting we produce hand-drawn designs and finalise garment details. If you are going fully bespoke, we fit your 1st toile – a test garment in calico. The specifications agreed on now constitute an informal agreement between you and Beyond Burlesque.


Your corset base is now crafted to your specifications, forming the base upon which the final silk garment is draped. Belinda will perfect the design through additional silk fittings if required.

The grand finale

Now take a twirl in a nice big mirror. We often provide styling advice – emphasising colour harmony – as part of this final session.


We understand that life is full of surprises and make allowances for missed sessions. Fees are wavered for the first session cancelled within 24hrs; however, £25 will be charged for sessions cancelled at short notice thereafter.


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